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Many Rivers 2 Cross

Greetings BEEES,

Where ever life finds you today stay encouraged. Rivers of singleness, divorce, life after divorce, illness, unemployment, death etc,. These are the times when you find the strength to move forward. The gratefulness to smile about life. Perfect a talent you allowed to lay dormant. A hobby you always wanted to learn. Join a support group or just enjoy your circle of friends. Life isn’t always a bed of roses but that doesn’t mean you can’t reflect on the aroma. Remember the good times. If you ever dealt with adversity and survived rejoice knowing this to shall pass.

Regardless of what river you are crossing you are not alone. Someone has been there, leaving there, or there now.

Peace, Love & Prosperity


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Giver’s Keep On Giving

I could tell the fustration in my sisters voice as she stated her desire to do less for some people. I have been there and it’s a real place. As we all know everyone isntĀ at the same giving or receiving level at one time. Some people see kindness as a weakness. I was told by someone I love that there’s a saying in his country “When you see an ass ride it”. I know I thought the same thing vulgar. It’s the way some people think. The solution is living to give regardless of what others do or dont. I do know that we will reap what we sow. If you continue to support your sisters in business or whatever it is their doing someone will do the same for you. Dont be pushed into stopping your blessings for a few users.

There’s enough room at the top. Pull someone up with you and push some if you must. We can all go up together.

Givers Keep On Giving Because The Blessings Are For The Living

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