Identity Theft

I used to provide identity theft plans to the general public as an pre-paid legal associate. I,m sure you know the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I’ve heard horror stories. Can you imagine being pulled over for a tail light and going to jail because someone used your name. Imagine showing up at an car lot to purchase a car and being told “thanks for paying off your car with us mrs. smith how may we help you today”. You would be shocked because this is your first time at said location.

Imagine a whole nation having it’s identity stolen. You are unique, and no one else has your finger prints. An impersonator can imitate your voice or the way you hold your head back when you laugh, but they can never be the original. Were you ever out and someone came up to you or waved from far away? After closer inpection you were probably told “i’m sorry i thought you were someone else”. Mistaken identity happens alot. Some people grew up in the projects and deny any knowledge of what projects are as it relates to housing.

Our first ideas of who we are come from our parents and immediate family. If you allow outside forces to identify you it leads to an unfulfilled life. Many people were told by their parents your beautiful, your intelligent, you can accomplish anything. Many took the word of classmates and teachers who told them the opposite. Every individual is a unique creation of the most high. Your fashioned by the hands of the master potter. You were born with talents that are unique. You have reserviors of potential that if you tap into will spring up treasures for yourself and mankind. Love the skin your in beloved. Refine the trinkets of knowledge, skill, and education you receive along the way. Never take on someone else’s identity you bury yourself in the process.



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Get Down or Lay Down

As many have gathered on Wall Street to combat corporate greed many have allowed fear to occupy their heart. Regardless of what it is that’s standing in the way of progress it must go. Fear is the enemy of change. It has an paralyzing effect. Rather its a new relationship/marriage after a bad one, fighting cancer, leaving an abusive relationship or standing up for your rights. Don’t allow fear to occupy your life.

Tell fear get down or lay down!
Just as love should be the catalyst of any revolution love should occupy our heart.


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Many Rivers 2 Cross

Greetings BEEES,

Where ever life finds you today stay encouraged. Rivers of singleness, divorce, life after divorce, illness, unemployment, death etc,. These are the times when you find the strength to move forward. The gratefulness to smile about life. Perfect a talent you allowed to lay dormant. A hobby you always wanted to learn. Join a support group or just enjoy your circle of friends. Life isn’t always a bed of roses but that doesn’t mean you can’t reflect on the aroma. Remember the good times. If you ever dealt with adversity and survived rejoice knowing this to shall pass.

Regardless of what river you are crossing you are not alone. Someone has been there, leaving there, or there now.

Peace, Love & Prosperity

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Giver’s Keep On Giving

I could tell the fustration in my sisters voice as she stated her desire to do less for some people. I have been there and it’s a real place. As we all know everyone isnt at the same giving or receiving level at one time. Some people see kindness as a weakness. I was told by someone I love that there’s a saying in his country “When you see an ass ride it”. I know I thought the same thing vulgar. It’s the way some people think. The solution is living to give regardless of what others do or dont. I do know that we will reap what we sow. If you continue to support your sisters in business or whatever it is their doing someone will do the same for you. Dont be pushed into stopping your blessings for a few users.

There’s enough room at the top. Pull someone up with you and push some if you must. We can all go up together.

Givers Keep On Giving Because The Blessings Are For The Living

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Women History Month Honors Tina Reynolds

Women have been making history since the infamous apple. We have made impacts, contributions, and inventions since the beginning of time. I had the pleasure of attending a strategy session with the Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People’s Movement. I was in Alabama from Feb.28-March 2, 2011. I met some awesome people. Many of whom were FIP’s.  I was so inspired, encouraged, and uplifted by a sister I met that I had to dedicate this post to her.

Tina Reynolds is beautiful inside & out! As she told the history of her past I began to cry. She spoke of her time in prison, harshness of the system and how it deals with women and children. When she began to tell us about women being shackeled while giving birth I was appauled, outraged, hurt & the like. If it had not been for the taping of the program I’m sure I would have fell apart.

Tina Reynolds is a woman who has made history because she used her own hurt, mistreatment, and mistakes to assit the next sister. She’s the Co- Founder of the Organization WORTH!

I believe we will hear and see more from this powerhouse as she continue’s to tear down the walls of injustice for incarcerated women.

Contact your local politicians & ask if they know that this is happening. Call for yourself & ask the correctional institutions in your area do they engage in this practice. Many are denying they practice this Grossly wicked and inhumane treatment.

I salute Tina Reynolds a sister who is truly Beautiful, Encouraged Elevated & Empowered!


Women On The Rise Telling Her Story

171 E. 122nd Street

New York, NY 10029


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A Brand New Start

Well alot has happened since we last met. We have left the last twelve months behind and have embarked on a new year. I am sure many wasn’t as blessed as we have been to enter 2011. Regardless of how this day finds you you have been given a new start. Embrace the day like a long lost friend.

Rather it’s a new, day, week, month or  year, we can choose to see it as a brand new start. Many have experienced loss in the past year and some may have encountered it in the past week. I adjure you to be encouraged, elevated, and empowered choose today to love, live and laugh.  If the bitterness is worse than three lemons add a touch more sugar.

Get this honey

A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen. Worker honey bees are female, live for about 6 weeks and do all the work.

Beverly Campbel

Queen of the BEEE’S





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The Power of Forgetting

We know that forgiveness brings about healing. Forgiveness has an effect on our physical, emotional, and  mental, well being. When forgiveness is not enough forgetting restores life. Sometimes forgetting is your only means to wholeness. While breast cancer and domestic violence awareness month is ending the effects of past and present experiences will not. We can choose to forgive for life long empowerment, and forget for sustained wholeness. Just think about hurt occurred during relationships. Those who chose to forgive have a great chance of embracing new relationships. Those who choose to forget can move forward with trust and wholeness. Forgetting doesn’t mean the pain didn’t happen, but forgetting opens the door to new possibilities.   Here’s to all of you who became empowered as you moved from forgiveness to forgetting.

Beautiful Encouraged Elevated Empowered Sister’s

Beverly Campbell

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BEEE’S the Beginning*

Women are beautiful and should be honored as such. Our desire is to keep my BEEE’S motivated! BEEE’S are beautiful, encouraged, elevated, empowered, sisters. May ur journey in life be as beautiful as you are inside and out.

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